real people

real moments

real memories.

I'm not going to say I'm for the adventurous or non-traditional bride.

I'm for whoever is in love and wants to spend a great day with those who mean most to them!


Well hello there! My name is Kaitlynn! 


Mom. Wife. Photographer.

You can learn more about me here but for now I want to talk about you and what your experience will be. 

I want you to know that I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU! I'm serious. I'm not just quoting Friends for the fun of it! I will do my best to respond to every email, text or phone call in a reasonable amount of time. I will help you plan a timeline if you are not working with a coordinator. I will listen when you need to vent about your bridesmaids aren't cooperating (BEEN THERE). All around, I will be your day of bestie, your assistant, your hype-girl OR your let's-be-chill-and-drink-mimosas-girl! I will bring you coffee, donuts, booze..

Whatever you need to enjoy your day!!

And what about the guests?? I come from a big CRAZY family, so I get big crazy families. I was also the girl with only a couple friends, so I get the intimate wedding and small bridal party! I will make your guests feel comfortable, happy and I'll make sure to get the perfect snap for you to remember them by.

So hit me up. Let's get a drink and talk about what your #weddingphotographygoals are!

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Bonney Lake | Tacoma Washington